B. J. Bear Grain Co. Ltd. can be traced back to Shantz Bros. Ltd.; a company originally owned by Frank and Ed Shantz which for many years was responsible for the removal and marketing of the spent brewers grain from the area breweries.

In 1975 we purchased the business and formed a new waste management company called Big Bear Services. During the late 70's and 80's Big Bear Services continued with removing and marketing of spent brewers grain. They also began to develop a solid waste disposal division that specialized in removal of commercial solid waste in the K-W area. This company operated in the Waterloo region until 1989 until the waste division was sold to Waste Management and operates at 645 Conrad Place to this day. A new company was formed called B. J. Bear Grain Co. Ltd.

In 1991 Waste Management contacted B. J. Bear with an offer for B.J. Bear to provide transportation of waste from Toronto to Michigan. B.J. Bear accepted the offer and since has greatly expanded it's customer list through service that is considered second to none in the industry.

Due to the expanding customer list the fleet size increased to over 30 power units in the mid 00's. The office in Elmira and the shop in Floradale were too small. During this time Elmira Truck Service, who was a long term service provider was talking about building a new facility in the south end of Elmira. This created a very logical location to move both the shop and office. In June of 2004 the building was completed and the move was made to 25 Earl Martin Drive.

B.J. Bear Grain Co. has had a long dynamic history which will continue as the needs of it's customers change with the help of its committed employees.


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Let us know how B.J. Bear can provide solutions for your Walking Floor Transportation needs.

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